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Item# BKUS06A - [PRE-ORDER] Unseen Series - 6 Inch scale FIRST CONTACT QUEEN Action Figure

Item# BKUS06A - [PRE-ORDER] Unseen Series - 6 Inch scale FIRST CONTACT QUEEN Action Figure

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Limited to just 250 figures! 



We are proud to present the first of our exclusive ''Unseen Series'' FC movie action figures. Previously existing only as unproduced prototypes for more than 25 years, now being put into production for the very first time!

The FC Queen is a true 1/12 scale, 6 inch, fully articulated action figure and fits in perfectly with the vintage line of 6 inch FC movie figures originally released in 1996.

More screen accurate physical details and paint applications raise the bar and make this a true showpiece. 

This extremely limited run, in addition to the size and complex paint applications make this a very expensive item to produce but we believe it is worth every penny. This is a unique opportunity for diehard collectors.

*Please note, images shown are of the product at early pre-production stage and are used only to illustrate details and overall look. The production version will be vastly superior.



- One of three original unproduced 6 inch FC movie action figures. The FC Queen is the first to be put into production.

- True 1/12 scale at exactly 6 inches tall, the FC Queen fits in seamlessly with the vintage 6 inch FC movie line from 1996. Complete your collection with the FC Queen!

- 1/12 scale (6 inches tall)

- 7 points of articulation

- Electroplated 'chrome' spine

- 'Glowing' red areas on each vertebrae.

- Removable upper torso

- Super detailed paint applications including mottled hex skin pattern, armor highlights and lowlights and spine detail.

- Additional screen accurate physical details on the removable upper body not found on the smaller vintage 4.5 inch version including: full length spine, 'torn' skin look along the edges, superior head sculpt.



We have included Shipping Fees with a flat rate for each world zone (e.g. North America, Europe, Asia). If you are unable to check out, the reason may be because we do not have the shipping fee for your location.  If you are having difficulties placing an order please email us with your name, address and product order and we will send you a custom invoice.



A Pre-order is a made-to-order, limited edition release. They are available to order for a limited amount of time, are then made-to-order, and will deliver when production is completed.





By purchasing this product you understand and accept the following:

- You are supporting Spokestorm toys by backing, and in part, funding, the production of a limited run of action figures. 

- The entire development and production process may take up to 12 months (excluding delays) before production is complete and product is ready to be shipped out to customers.

- Payment must be made in full (including shipping) and will be charged in advance.

- We offer our customers a full refund at any stage of process if they ask for it. However, we strongly urge customers to fully understand what they are investing in before they buy so there are no unwanted surprises. This is an financial investment to allow Spokestorm to bring action figures to market within 12 months.

- Final Invoice (including any amendments) will be sent separately when production is complete and the figure is ready to be shipped.



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